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Unplug and reunite
with your soul.

In this disconnected world, it's essential to slow down and remember who you are.
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Free Spirit Living

My story


I believe that nature is the answer to our modern-day cares and worries. I feel the most alive when I'm outdoors and when I'm creating.

As a child, I spent my summers on a farm in Northern California and went camping in the forest with my friends and family. This taught me a deep respect for the natural world. 


Like many adults, however, I lost touch with my truth. I focused on the responsibilities of the real world. I worked in art galleries, frame shops, an art supply store, and an auction. It was a great experience, but I was always helping others achieve their goals and not doing it for myself. 


In 2020, after a long road of working on myself, I became very clear about what I needed. Not only did I face the confinement of the pandemic, but I also had a brush with cancer. Luckily, I only needed surgery to heal, but as I recovered, I realized that life is short and I must follow my dreams while I can. 


Now, I combine my love of art and nature to provide soulful experiences for people like you. By creating real-life connections, I finally feel aligned with my true spirit.


My Mission
I am here to help you connect to your soul through nature and art. 

Life is Short.
Align with your Dreams Today

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Art is so much more than painting on a canvas. It channels the places and emotions that give life meaning.

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Surround yourself with beauty and bring your stories to life.

Designed with your spirit and space in mind.

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Build your confidence and learn the techniques that I use to express my authentic creativity.


Plein Air

Unplug and absorb nature's energy through outdoor painting.

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