Artist Statement

I believe that art is magic.  The act of creating art involves mixing your inner soul with the outer world to make beauty.  


I also believe that art is alchemy.  It’s what you get when you channel a subject in through your eyes, mix it with your soul, and release it out through your hands.


After that, art becomes a spell and enchants those who view it if their minds are open enough to take it in.

My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.  I’ve been a painter and mixed media artist for over 20 years.  I grew up in Sacramento, California in a creative household.  I graduated from Humboldt State University in 2002, where I studied art among the hippies and the forest.  Then after a stint of living in the Bay Area, I'm back in Sacramento where  I’ve had many creative jobs like frame designer, art gallery manager, vintage furniture and home decor dealer, art supply salesperson, and art instructor, which I still do to this day.


At first glance my art is pretty and whimsical.  But deep down, it’s an escape.  It’s about de-programming and using your imagination.

Saying that my work is inspired by nature would be a cliche, but also very true.   Most of my pieces are a mix of nature and a kind of etherial, fantasy dreamland.  It’s my response to society and the absurdities of modern culture.  My work is an invitation to step outside of the norm and realize that there is another way to think and feel.

For instance, I’m  drawn to things that are old and have a story.   Sometimes I like to paint things that are ancient and beautiful on their own, like the sea.  Other times I use beautiful, vintage materials to make something reinvented, like a redesigned piece of jewelry or a mixed media collage with found objects.  

I love the hunt.  I love picking through thrift stores and antique barns to find the gems. I love traveling and the adventure of finding beautiful places where I can breath and be with my own thoughts.  I love to let go and create artworks that are rich with layers.  I also love to teach people how they can do it, too.

The real magic happens when I share my art with others, either through workshops or exhibitions.  That's when the process comes full circle.  Handing it over to students and collectors fills me with joy.

Thank you for reading.  Much love.