Artist Statement

Art connects me to nature, creative expression, and an inner guidance which seems to be relayed to my audience, as well.  I often hear that my art makes people feel happy.  Through color theory and not trying to control the outcome, I allow myself to play and see what emerges through the many layers of my paintings and mixed media pieces. 


It wasn’t always easy.  In the early years, I used to get terrible artist’s block.  I would sit around for days and weeks trying to think up how to make profound art, only to remain stagnant and depressed.  It wasn’t until I realized how to see the world as an inspiring place that I began to find inspiration everywhere.  Whether I’m painting something grand, like the ocean, something small, like a flower, or an intuitive painting from my minds eye, I always try to stay in the moment.  


Deep down I believe that art is a window to the soul.  If we let go of our creative blocks and express from a place of wonder and love, we discover an entire world that comes from within.  It just takes practice. 

I work with acrylic paint because it’s forgiving.  Layering is a major theme in my work.  Acrylics dry fast and they also allow me to use found objects.  I often add decorative papers, fabrics, and thrifted items to my pieces.   I love repurposing things that have been cast aside by reinventing them in a fresh way. 


The real magic happens when I share my love of the creative process with others, either through workshops or exhibitions.  If you would like to create with me, I invite you to visit my classes & events page to learn more.  

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