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Original Artwork for
Inspired Living

Fresh Off the Easel

Dune Drifter

Acrylic on Canvas, 9 x 12"

Be transported to the beautiful California dunes with this acrylic painting. Using an exaggerated palette of colors and playful brush strokes, this impressionist painting captures the dreamy composition of beach grass, cypress trees and rolling sand dunes. Let the painting whisk you away and feel the sand between your toes.



In abstract expressionism every brushstroke allows your creative spirit to soar! This series is about freedom, letting go, and bringing the beauty of your inner self to life.  Let the joy in your soul manifest in your world.

Abstact Landscape

I saw your instagram post and got right in there. I can't tell you how many times I decided to buy one of your paintings and it was already sold.  They're so beautiful in person!  Thank you!

Michelle C.


Abstract Landscapes

Evoke the magic of land, sea, and sky.  This series brings you the energy of being out in nature.


Jenny!!! .....JENNY!!!! This piece blows my mind and fills my heart. Thank you for this timeless and priceless art!

- Cathy S.


This series is for you if you can't wait to get back out in nature.  You value times when you can slow down, unplug, relax, and breath in the fresh air.  You cherish the places where you explore the outdoors and get excited about sharing them with your loved ones.

Trail to Fern Canyon.JPG
Flora an Fauna

Your art had a huge effect on me after dealing with depression and some hard times.  It makes me feel happy and hopeful.  I put it up across from my favorite chair and look at it every morning.  The whole family loves it, too.  Thank you.

- Abby M


Flora and Fauna

Unconditional love and whimsey for your inner romantic.

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