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Outdoor Painting Retreats

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Welcome to the world of painting 
En Plein Air,
which is the commonly used
French way of saying
"in open air." 
So often it just seems like life is moving way too fast.  After your job, your chores, the errands, the hectic news media, and what other people need...
where's the time for you?
As a gal with a lot going on, I totally get it.  The world feels chaotic these days and everyone's in a rush. It's hard to get the peace and quiet that you crave, let alone dedicate time to your passions.  
But here's the important thing.  Life is short.  We can't let it fly by.  The best way to slow down and enjoy yourself is to literally slow down and enjoy yourself.  Unplug.
I created this acrylic class for people like you and me who need time away from city life and want to bring more stillness and beauty into their lives.  When I realized that I could spend time in nature and express my creative side, I was a changed woman!  Now I want to share this experience with you.  
We live near some of the world's most beautiful landscapes.  It would be a shame not to paint them!  It can be a challenge, however.
 In this class I will take you through a step by step process that will help you:
  • Find gorgeous and accessible places to paint without aimlessly circling and backtracking for half a day.
  • Know what to pack and how to set up so that you don't get stuck without the essentials.
  • Approach painting when time, movement, light, and weather are factors.
  • Select the perfect composition out of a 360 view.
  • Pop your colors so that your landscape offers more charm than just a photograph.
  • Learn quick techniques for painting waves, clouds, rocks, trees, meadows, and distant hills, depending on what location we're at.
  • Avoid getting stuck on the details and create a cohesive, rewarding painting with ease.

This is a true experience.  After stepping out of the studio and being one with a beautiful, natural environment you won't want to go back inside! Your body, mind, and spirit will relax, which is good for you and the people around you.  

Take a tour of my plein air materials:

Packing lists and itinerary pages can be found below linked to each retreat's registration.
Is this retreat right for you?
It's just right for you if:  
  • You crave quiet time in nature.
  • You're fairly outdoorsy and can cope with changing weather conditions (rain will cancel).
  • You can lift a backpack and travel easel over uneven terrain to the painting site.  
  • You have reliable transportation.  This isn't a public transportation friendly trip.
  • You're ready to be in the moment and unplug.
  • You look forward to exploring a new area with free time in the mornings and evenings to yourself.  
  • You want control of choosing your own lodging accommodations to fit your own budget.  
  • You're looking for more techniques to make your paintings amazing!

2018  Painting Retreats:

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