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Many artists want to capture the beauty of the ocean, but it can be a little daunting if you don't know where to begin.  Do seascapes seem too complex to paint?  Have you tried in the past and got flat or distorted results?  Are you getting muddy colors or have trouble getting those gentle transitions?  If so, you might need help breaking it down into easy steps.


In this class, you'll find bite-sized video lessons that demystify painting the ocean.  Learn how to give your seascape depth with a quality foreground, midground, and background.  Understand how to mix paint for the nuance of sky, sea, and land.  Use brushwork to develop form and texture.  Get the right water textures on waves and foam.  Enjoy the relaxation that channeling a seascape will bring.  Bring amazing light and shadow into your artwork.  Create beauty that will connect more with your audience and potentially lead to sales.   

Every artist wants to capture colors, light, and shadow, but when it comes to mixing, maybe something is missing.  Are you getting muddy colors?  Do your paintings end up feeling flat?  Many people aren't sure how to start.  Instead of buying every tube of paint, (which won't work) it’s likely that you need more info and practice with color theory and mixing. 


This class includes 14 bite-sized video lessons and goes far beyond the color wheel.  Learn about primaries, secondaries, tertiaries, complimentary, and analogous colors, tinting, tones, shading, hues, earth tones, skin tones, how to mix grays without black, and how to pick your own unique palette so that you save money at the art store.    Stop guessing and join me so you can learn to mix any color you want!

Creative Freedom: How to get out of your own way and make great art!

I'm not a real artist... I don't have the time, space, talent, support, or supplies to make great art...  Sound familiar?  I've been there, and I know many curious artists can relate.  In this e-course, I'll share my time-tested secrets with you so that you can remove any barriers that prevent you from creating with authenticity.  By the end, you’ll have focus and a plan get started with your next series with confidence.  Plus, you'll know how to deal with that monkey on your back who wants to sabotage your practice.  This is perfect for people with all levels of experience.

Intuitive painting changed my life.  I learned how to let go, layer and express myself while stepping away from the fear of things not turning out perfectly.  The beauty that comes from this experience continues off the canvas, as well.  


I love Flora's approach to painting.    I would never steer you in a direction that I didn't believe in 100% percent.  

The Bloom True E-Course presents a groundbreaking, transformational approach to painting and living that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind, and spirit, and allows unique, expressive paintings to emerge naturally.

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