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Every artist wants to capture colors, light, and shadows in their art, but it might feel like there’s something missing.


Do you run into muddy colors or do your paintings end up feeling flat?  


Maybe you’re not quite sure how to start or which paints to buy.  There are so many paint choices!  It can be very intimidating.


If this sounds familiar, it’s likely that you need more information and practice with color theory and mixing.

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My name is Jennifer, and I can help.


I’ve worked in the arts for over 20 years as an art instructor, art supply sales associate, frame designer, and art gallery staff.  


What I’ve noticed from talking with artists is that things can get out of control pretty quickly when you don’t know how to get the right colors.


Some people think they need to buy all of the colors because they're afraid to mix at all, and other artists try and save money but their paints aren’t very compatible and they end up wasting materials, time, and money in the end.


I had to learn and work on my practice to be able to mix the right colors, and I’ve seen countless students be able to do the same thing, even when they thought that they couldn’t do it in the beginning.  

In my acrylic painting e-course

Color Quest: How to Mix Any Color You Want

You'll find 14 bite-sized video lessons that go far beyond the color wheel.  Imagine being able to:


  • Pick out the right paints and shop at the art store with confidence.

  • Save money on paint that you could mix yourself.  

  • Match any color.

  • Pair colors to create a feeling or mood in your work.

  • Mix vibrant colors that you can use in all genres of work, from abstract to landscape and portraits.

  • Bring amazing light and shadow into your artwork.

  • Create beauty that will connect more with your audience and lead to sales.

  • Have so much more fun mixing colors that you’ll be proud of.  


Stop guessing about color mixing and end the frustration.

All you need are four tubes of paint, one brush, a palette, and some watercolor paper.  The rest of the materials you probably already own.


"Take a class from Jennifer and find joy while you learn!"  - Cynthia

"As a graphic designer, I tap into creativity a lot but in a really compact, tight, computer, pixel world.  Touching the paint and moving into a holistic experience was something I was really craving.  The experimentation was my favorite part and I feel like I could have done that all day." - Susan

Acrylic Lessons

1. Intro and Materials

2. Primary Colors

3. Secondary Colors

4. Tertiary Colors

5. Complimentary & Analogous

6. Tinting

7. Tones and Shades

8. Earth Tones

9. Tinted Earth Tones

10. Skin Tones

11. Mixing Gray (without black paint).

12. Hues

13. Bright Palette Abstract

14. Earthy Palette Abstract

15. Conclusion

Come with me on a color quest and I promise you breakthrough after breakthrough!  You'll be on course for mixing color with more joy and ease. 

I’ll see you there!   


“When I tried academic art in the past I felt stifled, judged, and even harassed like they’re trying to beat the creativity out of you.  Jennifer is really about who you are instead of who somebody else wants you to be”

- Jenvy



"I love your teaching style!  More classes, please!" - Sandra

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Get lifetime access.

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


I'm a total beginner to art. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely!  I recommend this e-course to all beginners as well as intermediate artists who want to brush up on their color mixing.  We use acrylic paint, which is a beginner-friendly medium.

I’ve never taken an online class.  I learn better in the classroom.

Are you sure?  If you haven’t done an e-course, I highly recommend it.

  • You’ll have a better, close-up view of the demos, instead of from the back of the classroom.

  • Sometimes I rush in the classroom because I need to move things along for the sake of time.  So, as a teacher, my demonstrations are better quality in the e-course videos.

  • In the e-course, there’s more time for extra lessons and content vs. a weekend color class.  This allows you to learn more because there is more.  Fourteen lessons, to be exact.

  • You won’t have an annoying table mate who complains about how hard it is, even though they’re probably just mentally blocked.

  • Students get tired toward the end of the day in live workshops.  We all get mentally spent.  With the e-course, you can take breaks and absorb the lessons over several days when you’re focused and ready to learn.

  • You won't have to deal with public bathrooms or finding parking.  

  • No shirt, no shoes, no problem!

Is this a live-streaming class, or all the videos pre-recorded?   

All of the videos are pre-recorded.  There are fourteen lessons and they will be the same for everyone.  You can watch them whenever you want and you'll have lifetime access to the course.

If you're not there in person, how will I get feedback?

You can get feedback in the Keller Collective facebook group.  It’s an optional, bonus group on facebook where you can ask questions, post pictures of projects, and get support.  It's a bonus to all of my students who take my classes. Once you have joined the course, you will receive a link to the group.  If you’re not on facebook, that’s ok.  It’s not a requirement and you can always email me your questions.

Do we make art in this class or is it just studies and swatches?

Actually, yes!  In most of the lessons we create color studies where we make several swatches, but in the last two lessons, you will get the chance to make some abstract work where you can apply everything you learned.

Are the videos all available at once, or do you pace the class?

All of the videos are available at once.  Everyone works at a different pace and has different levels of responsibility.  Whether you're a working parent, retired, or a fulltime student, you can set your own pace from the comfort of home. 

Do the videos have closed captions?

Yes!  I use a private youtube channel to host these videos which I then link to my website.  Youtube does a great job providing subtitles.  You just have to click the subtitles/closed caption icon at the botton of the video screen once you've hit play.  

If I purchase the course now, can I take it later?  

Yes!  You will be sent a PDF document with your confirmation email which has a link and password to the e-course.  Download that PDF right away and save it on your computer.  You will have 30 days to download the PDF, but the link and password in it will give you lifetime access to the course.

Can I get my money back if this course isn’t right for me?

I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to take the risk off of your investment of the course.  All I ask is that you give the lessons a try.  If, before 30 days, you find that the Color Quest e-course not right for you, please email for a full refund.

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"My goals are to feel more confident and free while creating art.  It's helpful to see finished examples at the beginning.  Thank you for moving at a perfect pace and having a great sense of humor."  - Veronica


"If you haven't been able to paint with Jennifer, you are missing out on some wonderful instruction.  If you are on the fence about the classes she features, you need not be concerned. They are WONDERFUL !!" - Margo

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Get lifetime access.

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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