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Nature is the Stage
Art is the Play
Your Soul is the Main Character

Fall in love with the moment you fell in love with a place


Think back and pick a time that you'll never forget.  Maybe it changed your life.  Perhaps it was a simple moment when you felt completely at ease, or possibly even a series of events that became a tradition.

A time like...
  • Being at summer camp as a kid

  • Fishing with your grandfather

  • Climbing to the top of the mountain

  • Moving away to college

  • The epic road trip 

  • When you knew they were the one

  • When you popped the big question

  • When you said I do

  • Tossing the bouquet (I do florals, too)

  • The family reunion

Tribute Trail 1.jpg

Where was it?

The Mountains
The Beach
The Forest
The River
The Garden
The Desert
The Lake

These are the backdrops where stories unfold and the reminders to tell them again.

I will listen to your story, and together we will set the stage and bring it to life.

We'll look at reference photos of the setting. 


We can both visit the place in-person to photograph/sketch the perfect perspective, or I can go solo. 


We'll discuss the quantity, size, color palette, and framing that best suits your space.

Choose from neutrals, earth tones, or bright colors. 

From the reference photographs, I will begin to sketch the composition and create a color swatch study. 

After you approve the rough sketch, I will begin your painting. 

When the painting is mostly complete, I will send you an image, and you will have two opportunities to request any changes.

Next, it will be time to have the piece framed. We will pick a design that compliments the work and your style. If you aren't framing the canvas, we will arrange for pick up or delivery. 

I can assist you with installation or arrange for a professional to install the piece.

Finally, it's time to enjoy your new artwork. Have your favorite people over and show it off! Send me an invite!

Perfect for Milestone Occasions

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Weddings

  • Opening a Business

  • Retirement

  • House Warming

  • Promotions

  • Holidays

  • Or Just Because


Prices will vary based on size.  I offer three levels of service:

I look forward to hearing your stories and bringing them to life.

Please note: I do not take commissions for paintings of architecture, portraits, or mimic the styles of other artists.  My focus is on natural landscapes and florals.  If your memory happened in a town or city, I will focus on the surrounding countryside.  We don't have to be literal. I can hint at minimal structures or we can remove unwanted buildings to highlight the surrounding environment.  What's important is the essence and beauty of the land.

Please allow at least two months for your commission to be finished. It pays to think ahead. This will allow for correspondence, planning, studio time, framing, delivery and installation. Commissions are in high demand and my schedule fills quickly.  There's no risk in doing a consultation.  Contact me today.

Schedule a Consultation

Thank you for submitting.  I will contact you at my next availability.

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