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Celebrate what you value most in life.

My goal with commissions is simple: to honor what's important to you. Whether it’s to commemorate a family milestone, strengthen a company’s mission, or to relive a special time and place with your loved ones, I am dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art that will bring your story to life.​

Commissions have the power to strengthen who you are.

The people around you notice this both consciously and subconsciously.

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Art in the workplace will:

  • Impress important clients and strengthen their loyalty.

  • Improve the community by showing goodwill towards culture and the economy.

  • Boost staff performance by up to 32%.

  • Inspire new visitors to be a part of your company's mission.

  • Allow you more tax write-offs.

  • Strengthen your company's brand image.

  • Create an atmosphere that reflects your spirit.

  • Make people want to give you their money!

Art at home will:

  • Bring your family closer together.

  • Embody the places and milestones that you cherish.

  • Impress your important guests.

  • Spark conversation.

  • Cultivate learning and culture.

  • Show your spouse that you care about having a refined home that reflects your shared values.

  • make you feel beautiful.

  • Communicate your love and support for your family which sets everyone up for success out in the world.

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I will listen to your story and together we will bring it to life.