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Deep down you want to explore creativity

but something keeps stopping you.


Maybe it's a voice from your past telling you you're no good at art. 

Perhaps you used to love to draw as a kid, but don't give yourself the time to do it now.

Maybe you even studied art, but every time you sit down to make art, you can't think up any good ideas.  

Or possibly you make up excuses like you don't have the time, the space, the support, the supplies, or the money to make art. 


If this sounds familiar, it's likely that something is blocking you.

Whether you used to make art, or never really tried, the good news is I can help you overcome it. 


Artist's block can cause anxiety, depression, jealousy, and even keep you from creating ever again.


In this class, I will share the secrets to get you out of artist's block and back in touch with your creative energy like when you were a little kid.


  • Rediscover your childlike inspiration and creativity.

  • Discover the four main areas of artist's block and how to avoid them.

  • Learn the biggest mistake most artists make when trying to gain creative freedom.

  • Calm the overwhelm 

  • Enjoy creative journaling exercises that you can refer back to any time you're stuck.

  • Walk away with focus and ideas for your next creative project.

  • Overcome the fear of judgment.


Once you give yourself permission to make art you'll tap into the unlimited benefits of

Creative Freedom:


Endless inspiration

Stress and anxiety reduction



Possible art sales

A decrease in depression or negative emotions

Healthy ways to unwind

The ability to create beauty

Connections with your audience.

The possibility to change the world (seriously).


Stop stifling your inner spark and gain the motivation to create from the heart.

All you need is a pen, paper, and your cell phone's camera.

Creative Freedom

How to get out of your own way and make great art.


You'll get 15 video lessons

Creative Journaling Prompts

And access to The Keller Collective facebook group


I'm a total beginner to art. Is this course right for me?

Absolutely.  This is the course that I recommend all beginners take to clear their artistic path.  It's perfect for any artist, beginning, intermediate, or advanced who feels stuck.  When my students take this course, I can always tell the difference in their confidence. 

Can I get my money back if I don't like this course?

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee to take the risk off of your investment of the course.  All I ask is that you give the lessons a try.  If before 30 days, you find that the Creative Freedom e-course not right for you, please email for a full refund.

Are the videos all available at once, or do you pace the class?

All of the videos are available at once.  Everyone works at a different pace and has different levels of responsibility.  Whether you're a working parent, retired, or a fulltime student, you can set your own pace from the comfort of home. 

Do we make art in this class or is it just a coaching course?

In the Creative Freedom e-course, we don't make a finished piece of art.  Instead, we journal and sketch in order to gain inspiration and ideas.  At the end of the course, you will narrow down your ideas and set a goal for what your next art piece will be about.

Do the videos have closed captions?

Yes!  I use a private youtube channel to host these videos which I then link to my website.  Youtube does a great job providing subtitles.  You just have to click the subtitles/closed caption icon at the botton of the video screen once you've hit play.  

What is The Keller Collective facebook group?

The Keller Collective is a group on facebook where you can get feedback, ask questions, post pictures of projects, and get support.  It's a bonus to all of my students who take my classes and who are on facebook.  Once you have joined the course, you will receive a link to the group.

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Creative Freedom

How to get out of your own way and make great art.


You'll get 15 video lessons

Creative Journaling Prompts

And access to The Keller Collective facebook group

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