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The Vintage Revival Collection

Eco-Friendly, Redesigned from Salvaged Jewelry

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Elevate your unique style with one-of-a-kind, handmade, revived jewelry.  Each piece is reworked from salvaged jewelry that was either broken or dated and given a fresh look.  


By stacking altered broaches, earrings, and pendants, I design beautiful focal points.  Next I string matching beads and stones to complete the look.  Each piece is cleansed, however there are signs of age here and there, which add to the charm and history.

I'm currently working with boutiques to carry my line of necklaces.  Please email me for inquiries about individual pieces or carrying my jewelry at your boutique or salon.  I also take custom orders if you would like your jewelry redesigned.

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The collection in Atrium's online shop is different than what you see below.  They also offer shipping.


Hot off the press and ready for displaying at a boutique.  If you're interested in an individual piece, please email me.

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