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Private Lessons

in Acrylic

Find your Happy Place

Art is so much more than paint on a canvas.  

It has the power to soothe, inspire, energize, and honor your soul.

It allows us to unplug and step away from our cares and worries.  

The thing is, all artists want to sit down and create, but if you don't know where to start, you may not like the results. This can lead to frustration, self-doubt, and even quitting altogether.

My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.

I'm an award-winning artist and instructor.

But once upon a time, I wasn't very good.

It took me years to develop my style - despite getting straight A's in art school!  I had crippling artist block because of my own limiting beliefs.

It wasn't until I changed my attitude, let go, and put in the practice, that I began to recognize myself as a real artist. That's when I began having much more fun!


Anyone can be an artist.  

I've seen newbies pick up a brush for the first time and crush it.

I've also seen long-time artists get stuck because they overthink it too much.

With the right steps and support, you can do this!  

I work with artists from all experience levels.

What does your soul desire?

I love acrylic and mixed media because it's so forgiving.

If you don't like something, you just cover it up.

It also cleans up better than many other mediums, with no harsh solvents or fumes.

Acrylic Fundamentals

  • Brushwork

  • Color Mixing

  • Composition

  • Perspective

  • Light and Shadow

  • Tinting

  • Form

  • Shapes

  • Texture

  • Atmosphere

  • Depth

  • And More


How it works:

We will talk on the phone about your goals.

We'll decide when to meet in the classroom at UArt, my local art supply store in Midtown, Sacramento, CA.

At this time, you will send me a deposit and a photo of your covid-19 vaccination card.

On the day of your lesson, we'll either work on studies or a finished piece, based on your experience and goals.

Once your lesson is done, we'll clean up, discuss your progress, and make arrangements to meet again, if you desire.

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Private Lessons: $75 per hour
Bring a friend for an extra $25/hr

Read testimonials from my students.

Invest in your skills and confidence.  You've got this!

Please note:  Lessons are in high demand, and my schedule fills up quickly. There's no risk in doing the phone consultation, and we can chat about your vision. 

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