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Live Group Classes

Acrylic, Mixed Media, & Coaching

Step-by-Step Learning

Find the skills you need.

Art has the power to soothe, inspire, energize, and honor your soul.

All artists want to deepen their practice,

but sometimes it's tricky to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

Read on or skip to the class calendar.

My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.

I'm an award-winning artist and instructor.

But once upon a time, I wasn't very good.

It took me years to develop my style - despite getting straight A's in art school!  I had crippling artist block because of my own limiting beliefs.

It wasn't until I changed my attitude, let go, and put in the practice, that I began to recognize myself as a real artist. That's when I began having much more fun!


Anyone can be an artist.  

With the right steps and support, you can do this!  

I work with artists from all experience levels.

Read testimonials from my students.

Invest in your skills and confidence.  You've got this!

Please note:  Class seating is quite limited.  Sign up today!

Class Calendar

Class Calendar
Beautiful Backgrounds TN_edited.jpg

Beautiful Backgrounds

Friday, April 22 from 11-5 pm

Location: Jennifer Keller Art Studio, Sacramento, CA 

Add interest to your acrylic and mixed media backgrounds without distracting from your focal point.

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