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Live Painting Demos

Inspire your Guests

At your next event, how do you want people to feel?

Casually Elegant
Engaged in the moment
Seaside Villa Gardens

Ignite a Spark


When I set up my easel and paint, guests are drawn into the moment. We have meaningful conversations about their lives and what inspires them.


Live painting isn't something people see every day.   I've even had people stop their cars on the side of the road to take pictures of me painting. It seems to ignite a spark and I notice that they leave feeling more vibrant. That's when I realized the value in live painting. 

No event is too big or too small.
Perfect for wineries, tasting rooms, weddings, corporate events, launch parties, country clubs, fundraisers, resorts, museums, festivals, private parties, and other of life's important milestones.

Put your Guests at Ease

While I'm painting, I'm approachable and calming to introverts who prefer quiet conversation. 


I also enjoy fun banter with a group.

Oh, and kids absolutely love seeing me paint.

Cypress at Gerstle Cove 1.jpg

How it works

I specialize in landscapes and florals, so any venue with a view is perfect.  I can also work from a reference photograph of the surrounding area or of a flower bouquet (I see you, brides).

Set up is easy.  All I need is dry weather, a bit of shade, good light, and about six feet of room, adjacent to your gathering area.  

We will talk on the phone and discuss the theme and size of the work you'd like me to paint. I can also visit the site with you to discuss the schematics. 

Your guests will be entertained and will often take pictures.  #instagramable

In addition to the live demo, you can commission the artwork and own it. I may need to make touch-ups in my studio before it's finished.

I keep brand loyalty in mind for business events.  People connect my art with your mission - for life.  They tell their friends, and come back for more of your offerings.  An original painting is the ultimate party gift for your VIPs and major donors.

Please note: I do not paint intricate architecture, portraits, or mimic other artists.  I paint landscapes, abstract landscapes, and florals in an impressionistic style.  I can change the color palette, move things around in a scene, and remove unwanted objects in a composition.  What's important is the essence and beauty of the subject.

Make it memorable.

Availability is limited.  Contact me today.

Schedule a Consultation

Thank you for submitting.  I will contact you at my next availability.

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