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Beginner Friendly

I often get asked if my classes are ok for beginning artists.

This is an awesome question and the answer is absolutely! I've had beginners in just about all of my classes and they're the ones who usually amaze me the most.

When you start your first painting ever, it can be a little scary. You don't know how it's going to turn out. It looks awful for a while. You don't want anyone to see it because it's a work in progress.

But then something happens - the painting starts to come together. That's when I see the student really open up and by the end, these are the people who are beaming with bright, confident smiles because they learned and made something beautiful.

Beginning painters usually want to know how to mix, use the materials, where to put each color, and how to handle the brushes. These are things that I definitely discuss in my classes. From there it's all about practice, loosening up, and enjoying the process.

The key is not to compare yourself to everyone else in the class. You're starting out the same way everyone else did. I find that the people who come to class are so kind and supportive that you couldn't be in better company. Many of my repeat students started out just like you and now I have the pleasure of watching them turn into great artists!

I have two great beginner-friendly classes coming up! Friday, April 27th, 2018 is Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects and then next day, Saturday, April 28th is Happy, Colorful Animals. These are two classes that can really build on each other and would be a lot of fun to pair together.

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