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Abstract Therapy

Abstracts are some of the most misunderstood works in our time. People seem to get them or they don't. What makes a good abstract? When are abstracts considered professional instead of juvenile? How can I make a piece that people will take seriously?

These are things I think of every time I make an abstract painting. But here's the thing: Abstracts are all about the process. Letting go and creating something while trying things out and then staying with it until you're satisfied. It's like an inquisitive, exploration of the materials. A massage for your creative muscle. It just feels good.

I made these two paintings yesterday in preparation for my upcoming abstract class coming up this Sunday. It's going to be divine. I can't wait.

Interested in painting abstracts with me? Or maybe you're interested in another class? Check out my classes and events page. I'd love to see you there!

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