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Road Trip - Natural Beauty

Recharging is such an important thing for everyone, but especially for artists. When daily life turns into a grind our creative spark can burn out.

The way to get it back, of course, is to seek out inspiration. We've all got our thing. You might like metropolitan vacations, some people might want to go see a play or a museum. Some people like the macabre or the quirky.

For me, the best way to get back to my center is to go out in nature. So, in this video, I'd like you to come along with me on a road trip to my beloved Humboldt County, way up north in California. We're going to visit some animals, traipse around the coast, see the redwoods, spend some time with my parents, and check out my old college stomping grounds.

So click the video and I'll see you on the road!

Ready for more? Lets take a trip into the art studio! I have classes coming up including my popular Seascape / Beach Painting workshop! Learn more by visiting my classes and events page!

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