Night Blooms

When things are dark, there’s always beauty under the surface. When we can’t see what to do next, we can always look forward to the dawn.

Today, I have a new piece for you. I was inspired by the idea of the dark night of the soul, which is a concept that sounds bad, but actually has so many hidden gems and potential. It's when an old way of being is lost and we have to reinvent ourselves. At first, it's dark. We can't find clarity or direction, but that's part of the process. Eventually, day breaks and everything we went through helps to create a new phase in our lives.

I've been feeling this in my own life, and the planet is feeling this collectively.

Without the night, there would be no day. Without pain, there would be no pleasure. Without sorrow, we wouldn’t appreciate love. Anyone who has ever felt the dark night of the soul knows that it’s a compass. By honoring the night and the lull, we are shown the way back to our light and to love. It’s a gift where we let go and begin to find pieces of silver and gold that are glinting in the moonlight.

When we stay in the moment and work with this introverted energy, we take the time to repair. If we resist the urge to turn away and tune out, we can mend. Sometimes, we don’t get a choice, we have to rest. We think. We realign with our values. We make wishes and sew intentions in the soil until one day the veil of night lifts, and we’re ready to step into a new version of ourselves.

Maybe you’ve been through this in the past. Maybe you’re going through it now. Or it might connect with you on a global scale for healing.

In this piece, Night Blooms, I included species of flowers that bloom at only at night: Dragon Fruit Flowers, Palianthes Tuberosa, and Moon Flower. They’re a symbol of the beauty that can be found when all is dark. The secrets that we can uncover when everything is quiet.

When we pay attention, we can always find a little light in the dark so that our hearts can bloom.

Night Blooms

Mixed Media on Canvas Panel


May, 2020

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Much Love - Jennifer

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