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Including Symbolism from Nature into Your Art

Hello love! Our surroundings are rich with inspiration for our art. Soaking in beauty and energy from the earth is essential for me to get in line with my creativity. Not only is there so much beautiful imagery out there, I also look deeper to find it’s messages and metaphors.

Learning to do this can make your art so much more symbolic than it might seem at first glance. Anything you see can be a lesson. Examining nature by looking at it’s characteristics, function, and relationships has all of the wisdom we sometimes need. The answers are there for you if you trust your own intuition. How you see things and translate them will be a bit different for you than for other people, so you can have faith that these messages are right for you and your creativity when you receive them. Happy painting. Much love!

Suggested donation: $5 - $15 sliding scale.

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