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I love mixed media, and I love painting the coast, so why not combine the two?  Ta da!  This was my first detailed attempt of a serious piece that crosses the genres of collage and acrylic painting within a seascape.  I thought it turned out pretty well!  If you look closely you'll see all sorts of patterns, textures, drips, crinkles, and lace, of course!  I used a reference photograph from Sonoma Coast State Park and I worked in all sorts of paper scraps and acrylic paint.  The result was so much fun and it forced me to loosen up my process of seascape painting.  It was challenging to let go of having it be perfect.  Ultimately I think that's what gives this piece it's charm.  


This piece is curretly on loan at Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, CA. When purchased during this exhibition, it will be available in mid to late March, 2022.


Sonoma Coast

Mixed Media Collage on Canvas




Sonoma Coast (Coastal Cliffs), Mixed Media on Canvas, 11x14"

  • Shipping is available within 3-10 business days. 

    Local Pickup is available upon request in midtown Sacramento.  Email to discuss pickup. 

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