Every artist wants to capture colors, light, and shadow, but when it comes to mixing, maybe you can't quite match the colors you want.  Are you getting muddy colors?  Do your paintings end up feeling flat?  Many people aren't sure how to start or which paints to buy.  The paint aisle at the art store is a big place.  Instead of buying every tube of paint, (which won't work) it’s likely that you need more info and practice with color theory and mixing. 


This e-course includes 14 bite-sized video lessons and goes far beyond mixing the color wheel.  Learn about primaries, secondaries, tertiaries, complimentary and analogous colors, tinting, tones, shading, hues, earth tones, skin tones, how to mix grays without black, and how to pick your own unique palette so that you save money at the art store.    Stop guessing about color mixing and end the frustration.  Join me and learn to mix any color you want!

Color Quest E-Course: How to Mix Any Color You Want!

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  • Additional information can be found at https://www.jenniferlaurelkeller.com/colorquest including an informational video, what's included, FAQs, return policy and more! 

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