I'm not a real artist... I don't have the time, space, talent, support, or supplies to make great art...  Sound familiar?  I've been there, and I know many curious artists can relate.  In this e-course, I'll share my time-tested secrets with you so that you can remove any barriers that prevent you from creating with authenticity.  By the end, you’ll have focus and a plan get started with your next series with confidence.  Plus, you'll know how to deal with that monkey on your back who wants to sabotage your practice.  This is perfect for people with all levels of experience.

Creative Freedom E-Course: How to get out of your own way and make great art!

  • When you purchase this course, you will be directed to download a pdf document that will have the link to the e-course, Creative Freedom as well as a link to The Keller Collective facebook group.  Don't loose your pdf.  It's the gateway to this e-course.  You will also receive an email with the link to the PDF.  You will have access to this course as long as my business is up and running.  

  • Additional information can be found at https://www.jenniferlaurelkeller.com/creativefreedom including an informational video, what's included, FAQs, return policy and more! 

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