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It amazes me how something as dangerous as a cactus can create such impressive flowers.  Something so protected and guarded can create such a gorgeous display to attract attention.


The duality of harsh and delicate is a beautiful reminder from nature that sometimes we want to be seen and sometimes we want to be introverted. We don’t have to be picture-perfect all the time.  Life can be sharp and spiky.  But every so often, it’s necessary to be vulnerable and share your heart.  


It makes me think of the balance of masculine and feminine which everyone has inside themselves.  Society would have us believe that we have to behave and look a certain way to fit into an archetype.  But we have the ability to choose to be harsh or gentle, bitter or sweet, natural or dolled up.  It’s ok to be a complex being.  


This piece is inspired by my friend’s beautiful cactus garden.  When she started sharing pictures of her cacti in bloom this spring, I knew I had to use them as a reference for a painting.  I included some paper collage along with the acrylic painting for a cheerful composition.  


Graceful Balance

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas Panel


May 2020

Graceful Balance, Mixed Media on Canvas Panel, 11x14"

  • Shipping is available within 3-10 business days. 

    Local Pickup is available upon request in midtown Sacramento.  Email to discuss pickup. 

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