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Once upon a time, I was fearful of embracing my passion in life.  I was afraid of being judged, failing, and the unknown.  But after a while, I realized that life moves by pretty quickly and I had to start living my truth.


I had been working art-related jobs at galleries and frame shops, but I wanted to pursue my own work.  Little did I know, it didn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor.


I thought that to be a “real artist” that I needed to rent a studio, work big, and be completely original.  But all I really needed were some modest supplies, a little space to work in my home, and some time to practice.


I bounced back from a few mistakes, and OMG, did I learn a few lessons along the way. 


My advice to you is to let your passion unfold naturally and steadily.  Try not to force it before it’s ready, but keep at it.  Working on yourself step by step makes a lot more sense rather than jumping in without a life preserver. 


Whether your passion is painting, writing, singing, or acting, you can always continue to work on it and take little risks like applying for new opportunities, starting a little website, or dedicating yourself to practicing on a regular basis. 


You won’t be great at first.  Everyone starts out as a little flower bud on the vine.  It takes time to open up fully.  I still learn something new every single time I sit down to paint.  The sooner you own your passion(s) in life, the sooner you can become the beautiful blossom that you’re meant to be. 


In my newest piece, Let Your Passion Bloom, I included passion vine flowers as a reminder not to stand in your own way.  Embrace your dreams and have some fun!  You can do it.  I know you can.


Let Your Passion Bloom

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas Panel


May 2020

Let Your Passion Bloom, Mixed Media on Canvas Panel, 11x14"

  • Shipping is available within 3-10 business days. 

    Local Pickup is available upon request in midtown Sacramento.  Email to discuss pickup. 

    Delivery Options During Covid19 quarantine, I am available to deliver paintings to your doorstep within Sacramento and Yolo counties.  Please email me for a delivery quote.  

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