This type of magnolia, often called the tulip tree, is my absolute favorite.  When I was growing up we had a huge tulip tree in the backyard.  These blossom in late winter and I always wait for them to arrive because it means that spring is on it's way and soon the world is going to come alive.  

I originally filmed myself painting this piece for an online class, but I lost some of the footage.  So, the class never came to be, but the painting is still very dear to me.  Maybe I'll do another and release a class some day.  In the mean time, it will make the perfect addition to your collection if you love flowers and the tulip tree.


Tulip Tree

Acrylic on Canvas Board



Unframed and will fit into a standard 11x14" ready-made frame.

Magnolia Branch, Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 11x14"

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