I adore the moon because it inspires us to dream.  As it shines down on us, it’s a symbol for mystery, beauty, time, and amazement.  


My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.  I’m an artist and instructor but what I really do is help people gain creative confidence.  I’ve always said that art is magic and in this class, I want to bring that magic to you with a fun moon painting.  


In this class, Moon Magic: Exploring Outer Space with Acrylic and Iridescent Paint we’re not just going to paint an average moon painting!  You’ll learn how to paint a loose galaxy background, create the impressive light and texture of the moon,  and do it all by mixing with the primary colors, which is not as difficult as it sounds!  That’s right, even the grays in this painting are done with red, yellow, blue, and white, just like the pros do it.  Then I’ll show you how to use iridescent pearl acrylic paint so that your painting will catch the light and turns heads. 


In the lessons, we’ll cover materials, mixing, brushwork, form, contour, contrast, texture, loosening up, layering, and creating details.  Every move I make is explained in the class and you can follow along at your own pace.  


This class is right for you if want to learn how to paint a vibrant moon that goes beyond black and white.  I’ve had beginner and intermediate artists do really well in my classes.  The key is to have an open mind and understand that patience and practice make progress. Even I learn new things every time I paint.  It’s all about exploring and having fun. 


Once you practice this, you’ll be able to make these techniques your own and bring them over to your future creations with more confidence, which means more fun!  So, are you ready?  Let’s go! 


Moon Magic in Acrylic Paint: Online Class

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