The world is changing and as we shift into a new way of thinking and being, it's important to remember that we are surrounded by love.  Roses are a classic symbol for love.  They're arranged throughout the piece and at the center we see energy beaming from below and above.  


The piece came together with a bit of planning, but I left room in the practice to make changes and be spontaneous.  The roses are from an acrylic study that I made for a student tutorial.  I collaged the roses which were painted on watercolor paper and layered them over a collaged background.  The geometric shapes seem to radiate, creating a bold element which draws the eye in to the main rose in the center.  It was very fun to make and I learned some new techniques along the way.  :-)


Radiating Love

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas Panel


June 2020

Radiating Love, Mixed Media on Canvas Panel, 11x14"

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