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Fine Art for Business

Specialized for your Demographic

Evidence shows that fine art in the workplace improves sales and team performance.

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Branding Beyond Words

What makes your clients tick?

Strength - Stability - Growth - Security - Vision - Protection
Inspiration - Creativity - Education - Curiosity - Excitement
Romance - Effortless Living - Luxury - Relaxation - Refinement
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My name is Jennifer Laurel Keller.

I'm an award-winning acrylic artist, but what I really do is create emotion through nature and art.  

I've seen the power art has to

  • Strengthen company branding

  • Express personality

  • Spark social interaction

  • Unite teams

  • Raise morale

  • Convey prestige

  • Put visitors at ease

  • Elevate space and design

  • Provide luxury experiences

  • Increase productivity and

  • Give clients more confidence

All of which affect your bottom line.

Catered to your Desires

Together, we will determine the right subject, scale, color palette, and style that will bring your space together. 
The logistics are easy.  
I work with professional framers and art installers to meet your needs.
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Levels of Service

Be an Art Ambassador

Host my art on your walls on loan.  We will select work appropriate for your demographic. The art will be available for sale through my website.  Visitors can purchase art with their phones.  Paintings will be accompanied by a sleek wall tag with instructions to buy.  When a painting sells, I will replace it with a new piece. Perfect for those with affluent clientele.

Curate your Collection

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Express your refined taste with your permanent collection.  I have artwork for you to explore or we can do a one-of-a-kind commission, specific to your style, branding, and space.  Many businesses enjoy this for tax write-off purposes.

VIP Appreciation

Golden Steel Plate
Gift your top investors and major donors with fine art.  Show your dedication to your shared mission with an original painting.  They will see it every day and associate it with your company.  Perfect for outreach, brand loyalty, negotiations, and genuine goodwill. 

Please note: I do not take commissions for paintings of architecture, portraits, or mimic the styles of other artists.  My focus is on natural landscapes and florals.

My schedule fills quickly.  There's no risk in doing a consultation.  Contact me today.

Schedule a Consultation

Thank you for submitting.  I will contact you at my next availability.

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