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Plein Air Painting Adventures
in Acrylics

The World is your Art Studio


Explore the Landscape and Connect to your Soul
In this crazy world, it's critical to slow down and ground your body, mind, and spirit.  
Step away from the hustle and bustle.  
Listen to the sounds of nature.
Take in the beauty of our home on planet earth.  
Align with your purpose.

Where are you beckoned?

Hi!  My name is Jennifer.

I'm an award-winning artist, acrylic painting instructor, and plein air enthusiast.

I'm based in Sonoma and Marin County, California where we have a bounty of beauty!

- Coastal Vistas

- Redwoods and Rivers

- Vineyard Views

- Rolling Oak Hills


In my acrylic painting retreats, I teach

en plein air

The art of painting on-site, outdoors, in nature.

Selfie 7_edited_edited.jpg

Choose Your Own Adventure

Northern California is a wonderland of inspiring locations.  Let's plan a painting adventure together!

I'm known for my friendly and relaxed, step-by-step teaching style that gets results.  During the sessions we laugh, tell stories, and become good friends.  I see students light up with beaming smiles and sparkling eyes as they experience plein air painting.  By the end, everyone wishes they could stay an extra day.
  • Find gorgeous and accessible places to paint without aimlessly circling and backtracking for half a day.
  • Know what to pack and how to set up so that you don't get stuck without the essentials.
  • Approach painting when time, movement, light, and weather are factors.
  • Select the perfect composition out of a 360 view.
  • Pop your colors so that your landscape offers more charm than just a photograph.
  • Learn quick techniques for painting waves, clouds, rocks, trees, meadows, and distant hills.
  • Avoid getting stuck on the details and create cohesive and rewarding paintings.

Prices will vary
based on the location and number of days.
Bring up to four friends.

Is this retreat right for you?
  • You have a positive attitude.
  • You're reasonably outdoorsy and can cope with weather fluctuations, bugs, and dirt.
  • You can carry your supplies and travel easel for a quarter of a mile on a moderate trail.
  • You're comfortable finding your own lodging accommodations.
  • You have a reliable vehicle and feel comfortable navigating country roads to pinned locations on google maps.
  • You're ready to be in the moment and unplug. We listen to nature instead of playlists.
  • You look forward to exploring a new area with free time in the mornings and evenings to yourself.   
  • You want to be a better landscape painter no matter what experience level you're at.
  • You understand that everyone is learning at their own pace.
  • You can provide proof of your covid-19 vaccination card.
Duncan's Landing_edited.jpg

Let's talk about your vision.  
Contact me today.

Schedule a Consultation

Thank you for submitting.  I will contact you at my next availability.

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