Environment Affects Emotions

February 20, 2016


Light bulb moment!


Your emotions affect your thoughts.

Those thoughts affect your body.

Your body affects your belongings.

Your belongings affect your environment.

Your environment affects your emotions.

Your emotions affect your thoughts.  

And so on...


It's not linear, either.  Everything affects everything.  It's holistic.  


Body, mind, environment, body, mind, environment, body, mind, environment.  


By environment I mean interior and exterior.  The places you put yourself in.  Your home and your explorations of the outer world.  Travel.  Work.  Car.  Park.  Shopping. Etc...



You may not physically change your environment, either.  It could just be perceived differently. 

It can change you. 


Collectively, we can change the world.  We are already. 


Body, mind, environment, body, mind, environment, body, mind, environment.  


Want to change your emotions for the better?  There are an infinite ways to do so.  Starting with your home is a great way to jump in!  Creating a flowing, beautiful, and useful space will put you so much closer to a balanced spirit.  It can also show you, very deeply, other areas of your life that are out of balance.


It's powerfully healing.



Are you ready, but don't know where to start?  Contact me and I can help.  I would love to assist.  

For more inspiration, check out my online shop and see what lights your fire!  


Follow your heart and express yourself because life is too short to for boring surroundings!


Thank you so much and I'll see you next time!


- Jennifer


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