A Heart Centered Future

February 27, 2016

It is 4 pm on Friday.  As I sit here typing this I'm thinking, "Holy kung foo fighters!  One more day with the store front!"  I feel like a high school senior on the day before graduation!  


It just hit me this week like a ton of bricks.  It's more than what I'll be doing (home styling, art classes, and dealing in vintage inventory) it's all about how I'll be doing it.  The true intention of my work is to be creative, heart centered, and holistic.  


It's extremely therapeutic to work with your environment and your creativity.  Powerful shifts can happen, as I've discovered from personal experience.  It's truly a form of energy work if done in a mindful way.  


For over a year I've been asking myself how I can incorporate art, vintage inventory, style, and mindfulness into one concept.  It's been marinating in the back of my brain.  Then recently, pop!  I have some concrete connections that I'm playing with and I'm getting ready to share them. 


There is something that is magic about letting go and creating.  Letting go of what a painting should look like.  Letting go of clutter.  Letting go of a piece of furniture that is not serving you.  Letting go of attachments.  Then taking all of that energy and creating something amazing, like a beautifully styled room, a wonderful piece of art, and a home that will meet your soul's needs.  


The timing is great great, too.  I'm currently letting go of the shop.  Low and behold these new concepts are filling it's place and a creation of a whole new program is happening.  There will be a lot of really great things to follow.  


I hope you will join me for the ride!  If you haven't already, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter.  Otherwise you might miss announcements coming up about the class schedule, home styling services, and my new vintage discoveries.



Follow your heart and express yourself, because you deserve a beautiful space to match your beautiful soul. 


Thank you so much and I'll see you next time!


- Jennifer








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