Upcoming Exhibition: Windows to the Soul

I've always believed that artwork is a window to the soul.  Paintings become snapshots of an inner world that would never have revealed itself if it weren’t for the canvas, brushes, and paint.  It touches that authentic part of us that loves beauty, expression, and the great unknown.


I gotta tell you, through intuitive artwork you can bring more relaxation, beauty, and flow into your home and your life.  There is a mind-blowing magic that happens when you recognize that you deserve new energy and a beautiful, rich manifestation occurs.  Art can uplift the spirit.  It is a light in the dark.  It inspires, motivates, energizes, and attracts.  It’s for your own bliss, which is a powerful thing because through self-care, we flourish. 




If this speaks to you, I invite you to join me at the reception and we can continue this conversation.  Learning about art doesn’t have to be intimidating any more.  It’s can be a relaxed, open, comfortable experience.  The show will have a wide range of sizes and prices so that no matter what your budget is you can bring home a painting or a print.  They start at only 25 smackeroos.  You can have a proud conversation piece to share with your guests and share the joy of artistic inspiration.


Take a quick moment to grab your calendar:


Windows to the Soul: The Evolution of Paintings by Jennifer Laurel Keller

The University Union Gallery

Exhibition Dates: April 25th to May 19, 2016

Reception: Thursday April 28th, 6-8 pm

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Special evening hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 5-8 pm

University Union, 2nd Floor

Sacramento State, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819




Come on over to the facebook invite to RSVP.  I can't wait to see you!


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Follow your heart and express yourself, because you deserve a beautiful space to match your beautiful soul.






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