Art Mix: Studio 54

April 15, 2016

I love a good costume party!  Everyone takes the theme and runs with it.  People are in the vibe!  But most of all, they cut loose!  So when The Crocker Art Museum puts on their monthly themed mixer you know it's going to be a good time!  


This month the Crocker teamed up with the masterful event marketing team, Unseen Heroes, to host Art Mix: Studio 54, inspired by the Andy Warhol's Portraits exhibition.   Studio 54 was a mecca for celebrity mischief and renegade, anything-goes fashion, so I knew it would be a seriously hip night for big personalities.  

There was a disco hair styling salon battle and an eye shadow station where I got my 70s mermaid make up done.  Not only that, but there was groovy live music, dancing, and costume awards!


So if you like to dress up with your friends and go to fabulous, affordable parties, Art Mix at the Crocker is just for you!   It's only $10 to get in and there's lots to see and do for the 21 and over crowd.


Were you there?  Did your get-up get caught on camera?  Relive the night and check out some of these characters in costume!  

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Thank you so much for joining me on today’s special feature of Art Mix: Studio 54.  If you have any questions or stories about Art Mix, disco, or events in Sacramento, I invite you to continue the conversation in the comments below!


Follow your heart and express yourself, because you deserve a beautiful space to match your beautiful soul. 




Jennifer Laurel Keller