Overcoming Artist's Block

December 27, 2016

Once upon a time I was sad and depressed.  I knew in my heart that I was a creative person and an artist, but I wasn't making anything. I wanted so badly to make prolific, meaningful artwork, but I hadn't touched a brush or a tube of paint in ages.  


That, my friend, is called artist's block.  I was toxically stagnant. I was extremely jealous of other artists who were succeeding.  My depression was seeping into other areas of my life. I was guilting myself with torrents of negative self talk, and I just couldn't get out.  It felt like I was in a jail cell.  


Does this sound familiar at all?  You sit around thinking that you should be creating but you don't know what to make, you aren't sure if you can do it as well as other artists, you don't have the time, the space, the skills, etc.  Or maybe you just don't consider yourself an artsy person, but deep down you've always wanted to try it.  




If you can relate, I have something very special for you that will help.  I created a new online class, How to Overcome Artist's Block & Reclaim Your Creative Power. I rounded up all of the keys to unlock the doors to abundant creativity and bundled them up into an self-explorative, relaxing class that covers the four main areas of artist's block.  In the end you'll have an inspiration journal filled with project ideas and visual prompts that will be authentically aligned with your unique creative spirit, plus a plan for your next piece or series.


How to Overcome Artist's Block & Reclaim your Creative Power is available on Skillshare, which is a wonderful learning website filled with classes on a wide variety of topics.  You join for $0.99 for your first 3 months of learning and you can take any class that's on Skillshare.  Image if college was this affordable!  Even if you only joined for three months you'd spend 98% less than taking this single class in-person, but you'll have access to thousands of online classes.  Not bad, right?  After 3 months you can skedaddle or you can continue on for $12/month. Although I hope you’ll stick with your subscription because I’ll be posting new classes as time goes on.


Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow, however, I worked as hard as possible to make this class in bite-sized segments that will relax you as you go inward and out in the world to discover inspiration.  If you’ve been blocked, you must take action and now you have all the tools in one place for only $0.99!  But the value is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars if you’re serious about successfully expressing yourself as an artist. 


If you want more info, you can watch my free introduction video for the class, How to Overcome Artist's Block & Reclaim your Creative Power.  In the video I talk about what the course will cover, what supplies you'll need (which you might already own), and what kind of activities you can expect in the class.  Be sure and check that out because in the intro video you'll at least learn about the four basic areas of of artist's block, which is the first step towards revealing your unique creative power.


I hope you enjoy it!  Happy Holidays!  


- Jennifer