This One's for the Girls!

January 20, 2017

There's a lot of powerful energy out there circulating around women's rights and our ability to stand in our power.  Some of that energy moved through my art making this week when I sat down with an open mind to try something new with collage and mixed media.  The result was the new Inner Priestess series. 


The first piece (on the right) was snapped up over night, so I set out to make another piece yesterday.



I call it Shine with Love.  It's available on Ebay Starting at only $75.



This is the second piece in my Inner Priestess series.  The mixed media and found object elements in the priestess' headdress represent a crowning power that we all have within.  The roses represent love, passion, and beauty inside and out.  The ornate headdress represents a higher connection and the ability to be your own authority.  It's time to shift from an obedient princess to a powerful priestess!


Her hair is painted with gold, metallic, acrylic paint. Other mixed media materials include colored pencil, hand embroidered fabric repurposed from a dress, and paper collage.


Include this piece anywhere that you want to add a magical, feminine touch.  This style has also been a favorite for girl's rooms.  Place it on a small wall to give it a bit of shimmer or include it in a large gallery wall with several other pieces.  


This painting is made on 1/16" mat board.  It's rigid enough to place on a shelf, or you can frame it in an affordable standard size 11 x 14" frame.  Don't frame this with glass touching the face of the piece.  Either leave the glass out of the frame or use a mat or spacer with the help of a frame shop to protect the mixed media from the glass.  


Shipping costs will apply or you can pick it up for free in Sacramento, CA.  Just message me if you want to pick it up and we'll make arrangements.  Refunds are accepted within 14 days.


For more information about the artist, you're invited to visit my website at  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  


I can't wait to send this piece to a loving home.  Swing by it’s listing while it lasts.  Thank you.  

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