The Lioness' Roar

January 23, 2017

Embrace your inner feminine, feline goddess with this mixed media painting, titled Roar.  


This weekend I participated in the Women's March on Sacramento.  It was such a beautiful and peaceful experience.  Families, friends, and allies united for equality in such a big way that I will never forget. 


It's easy to get caught up in blaming and complaining, and I've had to check myself over and over.  Every time I get sucked down into the vortex of negativity and click bait on social media I end up feeling hopeless and weak.  


Ultimately, I believe in lifting people up, building confidence, working together, and cultivating strength. Luckily, as an artist, I have a unique opportunity to lend my voice to these matters and I'm so pumped up to explore this more and more every day.  


I was incredibly inspired by the hundreds of thousands of women marching across the world in their pink hats with pussycat ears, however, I wanted to shift the conversation from getting grabbed to what this feminine feline power means to me.  




So I thought, what better animal to express this strength than the lioness.  This animal represents our feminine voices through her roar.  She has stealth, strength, protectiveness, and the ability to work together with her pride to survive.  


The Lioness is also regal and a reminder to embrace our inner queen and to protect our ability to rule our own bodies and minds.  


With this sentiment in mind, I created Roar, my latest piece in the Inner Priestess series.   The lioness headdress is a totem of this strength and the compass rose on top is a reminder to apply this strength in the right direction for the purpose of equality and freedom.  


The mixed media and found object elements in the priestess' headdress include a mixture of collaged paper roses, embellished fabric salvaged from a thrifted dress, acrylic paint, and my own drawing with colored pencil and pen.  


Include this piece anywhere that you want to add the femini