This class is aligned with my core principles about art. You’re really just letting yourself come out onto the canvas.  When I tried academic art in the past I felt stifled and judged, and even harassed like they’re trying to beat the creativity out of you.  This class is really about who you are instead of who somebody else wants you to be. When I let go of the layers that I was admiring I thought I would regret painting over them, and miss the effort and the result, but what I got after was much better.  There’s a lot of pressure sometimes about how our artwork will be perceived, and that can rob you of your creativity and vision.  Now I can let go of the fear and let a painting go where it’s going to go.  


Windows to the Soul

Today I am getting back into the regular swing of life after spending an amazing weekend with Jennifer painting plein air in Mendocino. I also attended her Sonoma Coast retreat a couple of months ago.  If you haven't been able to paint with Jennifer, you are missing out on some wonderful instruction while painting the outdoors.  Jennifer schedules the painting days, with fantastic views to choose from. There is a great color theory talk before beginning, which makes mixing color so much fun!  Jennifer is a real delight to be learning from, I feel so blessed to have been able to study with her.  If you are on the fence about [the classes] she features, you need not be concerned. They are WONDERFUL !!  Thanks again Jennifer for your beautiful Artist self and for sharing your knowledge with me. See you next time my friend!


Sonoma Coast and Mendocino Coast Plein Air Retreats

As a graphic designer for a credit union I tap into creativity a lot but in a really compact, tight, computer, pixel world.  Touching the paint and moving into a holistic experience was something I was really craving.  The experimentation was my favorite part and I feel like I could have done that all day. Letting go was a much bigger deal than I thought it was going to be.  It’s not easy to let go.  But the work really tells you when it’s time.  I need to be pursuing letting go in all facets of my life. We have these hard and fast rules about what success looks like and being able to open up to the possibility that we don’t know the answers really exciting for me.   I wholeheartedly recommend this class to anyone.


Windows to the Soul

Take a class from Jennifer and find joy while you learn!  I took Overcoming Artist Block with her.  I came away with so much more from this workshop than I expected. The two big ideas I came away with were a releasing around any feelings of needing to have my art be a certain way, and the second was, I WANT to take another class with Jennifer.  The next class I was able to take was Seascape Success. Wow! I came home with two beautiful, different paintings of the coast. I also learned color mixing, and so much more.  Everyone's painting was different and equally beautiful.   With Jennifer's gentle, positive guidance and tips, I was able to enjoy the whole process, and learn. I am currently signed up for another class in a few months, and I am looking forward to discovering what I will learn and paint. I highly recommend Jennifer as an instructor.


Overcoming Artist Block, Seascape Success Workshop

I've never done mixed media collage before and I really enjoyed your artist's burnout workshop!  My goals are to feel more confident and free while creating art and creating art more often.  My favorite part of the workshop was choosing the pieces to work with and learning about different composition styles.  It's helpful to see finished examples at the beginning of class.  Thank you for moving at a perfect pace and having a great sense of humor.  


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I love making things, keepsakes, collages, etc. I want to escape as an artist and use it for self-discovery.  I loved walking away with a completed project and the excitement of future projects!  I love your teaching style!  More classes, please!


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I recently became a new mom.  I have a 4-month-old so I’m extremely busy. I had my husband watch the baby so I could relax.  It really helped me get rid of the barriers and boundaries that I put on myself as a painter.  One of the breakthroughs I had was when I started painting from the soul and not having a “correct” way to paint.  I recently lost my mother, so I wanted some kind of healing through the painting and I really think I did achieve that.  My painting turned out to be about nature and spirituality, which was something that we both loved to experience together when she was alive.  


Windows to the Soul

I loved sifting through all of the materials and letting go to create spontaneously.  Jennifer is great!  Very personable, patient, and ecourraging! :-)


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

While I've worked with collage for some time, I wanted to expand into mixed media.  It was great being able to play with no particular expectations.  You explain the process well and in an appropriate sequence.  Lots of encouragement.  I'm a former teacher and all of this matters to me.  


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

My goals as an artist are to explore a variety of mediums.  I liked all aspects of this class.  You have a very easy style that I think it inclusive!


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

This was my first mixed media class.  I want to make people smile!  I loved all of it, but learning the proceedure was my main interest.  Very good!


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

Not only is this a freer outlet, but it gives you the opportunity to be more of yourself.  You can do whatever you want and there are no limits.  I liked learning about the different vocabulary and skills.  I became more aware of balance.  I could tell where things fit as well as balancing color, contrast, and line work.  Painting doesn’t have to be an exact replica.   It tells you where it wants to be and where it wants to go and that was a lot more fun.  Its wasn’t until I looked at the piece later that I realized I created a calm eye in the middle of chaos, which expresses a lot of who I am since I’m a busy body and I need to create focus and balance in my life as well as on the canvas.  


Windows to the Soul

I just want to keep learning new things!  This class was joyful and freely creative!  :-) 


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I took this class to learn how to work with mediums and gels.  I want to be more versatile.  I loved the variety of materials.  Jennifer was very helpful and concise.  


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I had a new year's goal to take an art class and I wanted to learn how to start mixed media.  I found this class on a web search.  I want to relax and have fun.  I loved the techniques of how to get started and the steps of layering.  


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I took this class because I need more instruction to step out of my comfort zone.  I'm looking for a new direction in my love for art.  Eventually, I would like to teach and maybe sell, but mainly to express my inner artistic ability.  My favorite thing about the class was collaborating with other artists and how there were extra found object finds in class.  Thank you for sharing!


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

Making art is what makes me happy.  I wanted to learn mixed media and this was my Christmas gift to myself.  It was the perfect opportunity.  I think your teaching style is perfect and easy to learn.  Thank you!  I enjoyed this class very much.  Good job.


Mixed Media Collage with Found Objects

I love my two new paintings! They're a very nice addition to my collection.  They add to making my home a happy place! Thank you.


Art Collector

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